Italy: Yes, the food is as good as they say it is. And the driving as crazy (but still reasoned and navigable, if you pay attention). But nothing will prepare you for the beauty and the history and the many layers of evidence, of the centuries of life lived in so many fleeting moments of “La Dolce Vita.”

Though one of us worked in the Italian Villa rental market just as the plethora of near-perfect properties was starting to show up on and flood the growing “world wide web,” the rest of us are just beginning to explore the beauty and magic of Italy. We’ve started out with two extremely interesting and beautiful, historic, totally unique options.

One, an amazing Roman villa just minutes from the heart of Rome, with archaeological ruins and artifacts onsite and a lovely personal history from the longtime-owner’s family.

The other, a sumptuous villa in Tuscany, not too far from Rome, with easy access to the beaches and the historic hilltop village of Capalbio. It is stunning, and includes an indoor pool for winter and off-season holiday renters.

Photos and more details coming soon…


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