Newgrange Burial Mound, Navan, Ireland


The Newgrange passage tomb is not to be missed if you are staying in or driving around the east of the Ireland. Over 5,000 years old, this ancient burial mound is older than the pyramids of Egypt by 500 years and older than Stonehenge by a 1000. Famous for its advanced architecture and the unique illumination of the passage by the Winter Solstice sun, which shines directly into the passage on the solstice, the guided tour includes a lecture and a recreation of the yearly celestial shine, since the actual event can only be attended by privilege of an extremely popular lottery.

More information:
Visitor Center hours and admission.
Directions to the Brú na Bóinne center.

A word to the wise: There are some incredibly smelly berries that grow outside the visitor center in the Fall. Mind your children and your own urges to pick these or you will find yourselves looking at your traveling companions in the car and wondering if you should ask if everyone is indeed feeling alright.

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