About London

What can we say that hasn’t been said before? It’s an amazing city, a truly international city, full of history, culture, spirit and humor. London is a fantastic destination for first time travelers to wet their feet or whet their appetite for international travel. Safe, primarily English speaking but culturally diverse, easy to get around (sort of) and filled to the brim with places to visit and explore, sites to see, things to learn and experience.

Best of all for visitors, there is a long and well-established tradition of holiday rental flats, mews and houses on offer throughout the city. Travelers can expect lovely vacation homes that are clean and safe, with easy, efficient check-in and check-out, and courteous, helpful service if and when it might be needed.


This is a city rich with culture and heritage, from the variety of architecture to the stunning sense of history that is celebrated and honored in the many museums, arts, entertainment and historical buildings. The diversity of the city, though tending toward social stratification along class lines, lends to the deep sense of place as being truly international, and offering absolutely something for everyone:

Sports events, galleries, historic sites, churches, national archives, military memorials, world-famous museums, non-stop stage productions, theater, cinema, culinary arts and fine dining, themed festivals and celebrations, literary arts and history, high fashion houses, high street shopping… you name it, and it can be enjoyed in London.

More than three hundred different languages are spoken in London on a daily basis, and every sub-culture in the city is represented by its own specialty shops, restaurants and fashion stores. London has cultural centers run by and dedicated to its Polish, Kurdish, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, Bengali, Jewish, Somali, Hindu, and Irish communities. You are likely to see eyeliner-encrusted goth kids walking along closely with uniformed Asian school children and mums and grandmothers in brightly colored saris, along with enthusiastic tourists stopped to snap a photo, being dodged by the many hurried business people populating London’s financial center.

All of this wonderful stuff, from business to the arts, is all mixed up together in a most swinging, bustling and co-mingled city center and surrounding boroughs.


Winston Churchill purportedly said that “America and Britain are two nations divided by a common language.”  It’s funny, because it’s true (and you can read more about this “Brit Speak” in a brief list of terms that leans toward proving his point). It’s also true that one of the great things about travel is discovering the ways that a society or culture is different and the ways in which they are the same as your own.

In London, you’ll notice many things that are just a bit different than you might be used to, and some fun can be had in discovering those differences. Sometimes, though, it helps to come prepared with information about a few things relating to accommodations that, if unknown, might stymie your enjoyment of the place, or cause problems for you while on holiday.

Practical Guide to Staying in London – a brief guide to practical issues and things to consider about traveling to and staying in London. It’s all in the guide books, too. Includes some common references that are likely different enough from home to make a difference during your stay.