London? Ireland? Paris? Scotland? Ours is a portfolio of unique, inspired, historical, or otherwise interesting properties, each offering something you won’t find in other standardized or new-construction rental places. We’ve personally visited or stayed in each property that we decide to feature on our site (there are many that we have visited that have not made the cut for one reason or another, not being up to the standard of luxury, charm or simple elegance to which our clients are accustomed) and can tell you first hand about the differences, the pros or the cons of a particular house, cottage, castle, manor or flat based on your particular holiday needs.

Booking Holiday Accommodations with Elegant Retreats

We offer:

– Quick-responding, personal and informative customer service to answer any questions you have about the various property options, locations, and general shape of your travel planning.

– Expert, first person knowledge of and unbiased opinions about the property(s) you are interested in. It doesn’t matter to us which property you choose, so long as it matches your best trip requirements. We want you to be ecstatic on arrival to your flat, cottage, castle, villa or manor house.

– Access to our breadth of quality photographs and detailed property descriptions, and the ability to reach us quickly and directly to answer any questions not answered in our property pages.

– A variety of payment options, including the ability to pay in pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollars, by personal check, or credit card, or Paypal, with some of the travel guarantees that protect your investment in your holiday.

More Information

Clearly we are a wordy bunch. Perhaps you are a reading sort? We’ve compiled the following information to help any newcomers to the self-catering and holiday rental experience sort through the process and find out more about it.

About vacation rentals & Why rent a self-catering vacation rental home?
New to holiday properties? Not sure if it’s for you? Here you’ll find some general information, including the benefits of a holiday flat, apartment, house or grand estate versus hotels or other traditional travel accommodations.

How does booking work?
It’s pretty simple, and can be accomplished in about four quick and easy steps.

What are the booking conditions? Is there a contract?
You can read all about the general booking expectations when working with our company, and look at a general rental contract if you’d like. The contract is designed to be fair and to protect both travelers and property owners in the holiday rental transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Some frequent questions and our best attempts to answer them.

The Elegant Retreats Difference

We know you have many options for renting holiday homes, including our colleagues at other booking agencies, online via “warehouse” type rental listing services, or thorugh sites with direct-to-owner connections. As travelers ourselves, we have often availed ourselves of these services in the United States.

However, there are many reasons to use an agency, especially if traveling overseas to a foreign land and certainly if the costs are the same (which we are happy to report, they are indeed!). Even now, when traveling to abroad to a country where Elegant Retreats doesn’t currently represent properties, we always book with a representative agency for foreign rentals to make sure that we have some guidance and some protections with the property we’re booking on our personal holiday.

Honestly, we have no investment in steering you in any particular direction other than the one that is the most perfect for your best holiday.  We adore all of our properties (and their owners!) and simply want you, our traveling clients to be paired with the best match for a great trip!

Give us a call, send us an email, submit and inquiry. Tell us where you are going, when and what sort of trip you are planning, we’ll be happy to send you available options to suit your holiday.

Thanks for your interest in Elegant Retreats – We will do our very best for you!


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