Elegant Retreats International is a boutique, family-owned company providing unique vacation rental properties in England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy. We’ve visited every property personally selected to be on our site. For the most part, we’ve taken every photo you see on the site during one of our many personal visits to each property, have met the owners, and have an intimate understanding of the unique features of each home, house, cottage, flat or castle. We are dedicated to finding the perfect holiday home for your needs.

Elegant Retreats Booking Agents at Face Sculpture in Paris Jardin des TuileriesOur team

We are an eclectic group of travel industry refugees from two popular internet booking companies, personal travel & concierge services and the airline industry. We’ve seen the best and the worst of other companies, either working at or booking personal travel with them, and we aim to improve on the scope, price and quality of service found elsewhere. The customer service experience gathered under our roof is unparalleled, and we’re working on making our individual travel resumes just as impressive. One of us lived in London for 11 years, two of us have traveled to London and Ireland for property visits 5 and 7 times (with more on the way in Spring), along with our own slow travel trips throughout Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.  Together we boast 43 years of exceptional travel advisory and booking experience. In addition we have an in-house small business consultant (the owner of ERI!) and a technology guru (the owner’s husband!) to boot. All that talent, all that experience, and we’re aiming every bit of it at bringing you the best vacation property rental advice and travel planning service possible.

Our motto

Unique properties, exceptional service, and elegance for every kind of travel.

Our mission

To provide the best, most unique, interesting or luxurious properties for our clients at the best rates; to bring our owners the travelers who will truly enjoy the property or properties they work so hard to offer their guests, and to do so with quick, clear, and kind service.

Our promise

We know our customers have a lot of options to choose from in renting a holiday home, villa, castle or cottage abroad. We understand the importance of providing accurate information, honest prices, and the most details to trip planners right from the start, so that the only surprises on arrival are the good ones – like the smell of Ireland standing by the sea in the West and the fact that a pint of Guinness really does taste even better in Dublin; or how amazing something like a baguette with brie tastes sitting in one of the jardins in Paris; and the sense of awe that descends while standing in front of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, or any number of royal portraits in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Send us an inquiry with your detailed travel and property requirements. We will do our very best for you.

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